What You Need to Know About a Medical Negligence Claim

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When we choose to visit a doctor, we do so because there is nothing that we can do in order to solve our medical problems. We put our life in the hands of a stranger trusting in his professional approach. However, what happens when the health care providers betray our trust and don’t take the best course of action towards healing us. Medical negligence is a serious issue which can be solved in a legal manner. If you or someone you hold dear has suffered physical or emotional damage due to unprofessional behavior from the people who owed a duty of care, then you should file a medical negligence claim.

  • Medical negligence solicitors

In order to get the best results the right thing to do is consult a medical negligence solicitor before filling your claim. He can help you determine whether or not your claim is valid. Furthermore he can also help you file the claim so that you have the best chances of winning. It is not unlikely for you to be approached by a solicitor. They usually keep a close eye on events that take place in certain medical circles. However if the solicitor approaches you in an inappropriate moment ( without even giving you the chance to assimilate the events and clear your mind) you should reject his help. Take your time in choosing the right legal representation.

  • The right time to file the claim

Different states have various rules regarding the time when you can file a medial claim. While some states only take into account the claims that are filled within 6 months of the incident, others also consider the claims on events that happened as far back as two years. Research your state’s laws regarding malpractice in order to file a good medical negligence claim.

  • Funding your claim

A medical negligence lawsuit can take a long time therefore you need to find a way of funding it. You can cover your own legal expenses or you can seek exterior funds such as public funding, trade union help and so on. You will also do well to get a legal expense insurance. Furthermore it is always better to work with law firms which have a no win-no fee policy. This way you will make sure that your lawyer will do the best he or she can in order to win your case. Furthermore if you lose, you won’t be left with a huge lawsuit bill.

  • Third party

You can file a negligence claim even if you weren’t the subject of the medical negligence. For example if you lost a family member due to a medical error you can file for compensation. The claim can be filled on behalf of the deceased person’s estate. Furthermore if you were financially dependent on the person who died due to medical negligence you can file for loss of dependence. If your wife or a child under the age of 18 died due to malpractice you can claim for bereavement damages.