The job of a medial negligence solicitor

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As more and more clinical negligence cases are filed and registered every year, there also seems to be an increasing number of law firms that specialise in or deal with medical negligence claims. This is a highly beneficial matter, as patients who are victims of negligence and have suffered further injury and pain as a result of the medical services received need great support and guiding in their seek for justice. Since the UK adopted the no win no fee system in 1995, more people have been willing to stand up and file compensation claims for medical malpractice, using the expert advice and legal representation of medical negligence solicitors. These are attorneys that specialize in dealing with personal injury, work accidents and clinical negligence claims and can offer patients knowledgeable advice and support during the process of filing the compensation claim, negotiating a settlement or filing for a suit. Their job is to assist patients in understanding the ins and outs of such a process and best represent their interests.

The first task the job of a medical negligence solicitor involves is helping the client determine whether or not his or her claim is a valid one and falls under the category of medical negligence. They have vast experience in the field and deep knowledge of what passes as negligence or nor in the medical area, helping you determine if there is a cause of action or not. Once you’ve established that you have grounds to file a claim, a medical negligence solicitor can help you estimate the worth of this claim. Estimating the value of your compensation claim is an important service that clinical negligence solicitors can offer you, because it is important that you know what to expect. Their estimation is based on previous similar cases and their experience in the area, as well as a profound knowledge of the legal system. It is valuable help to have an expert explain all these issues to you, in a time where you are probably dealing with the physical and emotional effects of the injury and pain caused by the negligence in the first place.

Another task that is part of the medical negligence solicitor’s job is helping you gather evidence. Proving negligence from the part of a medical practitioner can sometimes be difficult, as you not only have to prove that you sustained further injury or suffering and that the practitioner failed to deliver the required standard of care, but also that the two are connected, meaning that the further injury was a direct result of the doctor’s failure to deliver high standard of care. To that extent, you need to gather as much evidence as possible from the diagnosis and treatment process and the solicitor can help you do that, sorting through the tons of papers and medical reports that you may have. The bottom line is that the job of a medical malpractice solicitor is to help the client take all the necessary steps towards filing a successful claim and then support the client during the process, representing his or her best interests.