Terrifying Cases of Medical Negligence

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Medical negligence, also known as malpractice refers to the acts of professional negligence which are the result of a health care provider’s omission of certain treatments or procedures. In order for a case to qualify as negligence it needs to fall under the standard of practice. These errors can result in serous injuries or even in the patient’s death. While the medical system tries to protect all patients, human error is a factor that cannot be controlled. Over the years there have been numerous breaking medical news featuring terrible malpractice cases. Today we are going to present some of the most traumatizing cases caused by such errors.

Wrong or misread labels

Medical negligence can affect us in many ways. The damage can be physical, mental or emotional. Furthermore when the medical errors affect children there is very little we can do and in most cases both parents and children have to live with the consequences of some doctor’s mistake. When it comes to fertility clinics, numerous mistakes have been made. A clinic in New York impregnated a woman with the sperm of a stranger. Although the parents kept the baby and raised it as their own, this choice was forced on them by incompetent medical staff. A similar case happened at a Oregon hospital, where a man’s sperm was used to impregnate a different woman. Due to the fact that the woman who got pregnant required an unknown donor, the man in cause couldn’t even get to meet his accidental child. Another interesting case occurred at a medical center in Virginia where two babies were switched at birth. This is not the only or the first time when babies were switched at birth as numerous similar events have happened in various countries. In most cases, the parents keep the baby that they were given but they are forever marked knowing that they raised the wrong child.

Treatments gone wrong

A lot of people are scared when they have to undergo serious medical procedures. However the scariest thing is that medical negligence can turn a simple procedure into a disaster. Such was the┬ábreaking medical news featuring a woman from Dallas who went to the hospital due to diarrhea. The woman was treated with antibiotics. However the IV was left on for too long and ended up damaging the woman’s ear nerve cells. She permanently lost her hearing and received no retribution as the Texas taxes regarding malpractice law suits make such cases very expensive.

Wring diagnosis

In 2005 a man in UK was diagnosed with lung cancer and had his lung removed despite the fact that he was completely healthy. A similar yet more frightening case occurred in Tampa where a medical team removed the wrong leg of a man during an amputation procedure. Another case of wrong diagnose happened during a dentist exam when due to a lump on the jaw, a women was diagnosed with cancer. In order to give her a couple more months of life, the doctors recommended that she had part of her cheek removed. After being disfigured the women found out that there was a mix up in the lab and she never had cancer

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