Medical Negligence Claims Based on Faulty Equipment

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Dealing with medical negligence is never easy. For starters you have to find a way of managing your newly found health problems and then you need to deal with the emotional trauma of having your trust betrayed by medical professionals. However, these problems need to be handled in parallel with demanding financial compensation. If you have suffered due to medical negligence caused by faulty equipment you need to file a claim in order to receive compensation.

The importance of being informed

Patients are rarely aware of the standard of care that is specific to their country, which is why when complications arise few patients are able to recognize medical negligence. Whether or not your injuries were caused by a healthcare provider or a faulty equipment you are entitled to compensation. There are certain regulation regarding the functionality of medical devices and both manufacturers and hospital staff need to obey by them. The malfunction can occur due to device problems or improper use and abuse made by the medical staff. If the circumstances that caused your injury seem suspicious you should seek legal advice.

Legal actions

Whether or not you have suffered permanent damage it is important to inform yourself about the compensation that you could receive. The best thing to do is contact a medical negligence solicitor. Based on your medical records as well as on scientific facts regarding the faulty equipment in question, a medical solicitor will be able to tell you whether or not you have a solid claim and how much is you claim worth.

How much should you claim

The value of personal injuries should not be measured in money. However, financial compensation can help you deal with the expenses that arrived along with the injuries caused by the faulty equipment. When establishing the value of your claim you need to inform your negligence solicitor off all your additional expenses. If you had to take time of work due to the injuries you should demand that money as well as payment for all your additional and future expenses.

Reporting a faulty medical device

Aside from your personal legal actions, it is your social responsibility to inform the proper authorities of the faulty medical device that caused your injuries. On that note make sure you inform both the FDA as well as the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. This way you will make sure that there will be a failure analysis which will prevent similar scenarios.

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