Medical Negligence Cases that Resulted in Loss of Mobility

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In the medical field, when medical errors or medical negligence cases occur, the consequences are sometimes irreparable, because either a vital organ has been damaged or health professionals did not act properly. The fact is that medical negligence may occur very often and can result in loss of mobility. In this article, we will provide you with some examples of medical negligence cases that resulted in loss of mobility and tips on how to deal with this situation.

Medical negligence cases that have caused a mobility impairment

Examples of types of errors frequently brought to court: undiagnosed fracture; no diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome; unidentified infection; failing postoperative care; intraoperative spinal cord; failure of the surgery; surgery on the wrong level of the spine; intraoperative nerve damage, artery, vein or organ, etc. These errors can lead to severe paralysis as quadriplegia, hemiplegia or paraplegia, as you can notice in the next illustrations:

  • Mrs. G has undergone surgery on upper limb under local anesthesia. During the introduction of the anesthetic, the nerve roots of the brachial plexus were affected, leaving the victim with a paralyzed arm. The anesthetist was obliged to fully compensate the damage suffered by Mrs G.
  • Mr. R has undergone surgery in a clinic for herniated lumbar disc. The intervention was therefore made on the lumbar spine. A compressive postoperative hematoma emerged but the evacuation was delayed in the case of a well-known neurosurgical emergency. The victim is now suffering from a L3 level paraplegia.
  • The victim, a man aged 47 had a fracture dislocation of C6-C7 vertebrae after a fall. The next day he underwent surgery for reduction and stabilization of lesions posteriorly with the installation of two bone plates. Following the intervention, while the victim showed no neurological damage before surgery, a form of complete paraplegia appeared after surgery was completed. The victim is still suffering from paraplegia.
  • The victim, a man aged 49 had a cervical radiculopathy and was schedule for a surgery. He was operated by a neurosurgeon for a double herniated disc. An epidural hematoma compressing the spinal cord occurred postoperatively and a decompression procedure was performed. The victim is still suffering from quadriplegia.

What to do if you are the victim of a medical negligence

  • Bring a medical negligence claim
    If you are the victim of a medical error or medical negligence, do not hesitate to contact legal aid to find the best legal assistance and obtain compensation for damages caused by medical negligence. Nevertheless, there is a particularly important step to take: you must request a full copy of the medical file. You must also file a claim and request for compensation(if the victim is not in a position to ask his case, a spouse or family member can).
  • Opt for a mobility device
    If you suffer from a type of mobility impairment, due to a medical negligence, then it’s advisable to resort to a mobility device. A great solution is to opt for one of the best mobility scooter models.  The mobility scooter is pleasant to use and it represents a practical solution for those who wish to maintain their independence. With so many different models available on the market, you will certainly find the one you need. The best mobility scooter should have a powerful battery and it should be easy to maneuver.