Cancer Misdiagnosis-Negligence Claims and Inspiring Stories

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Cancer is one of the most terrifying medical conditions. However, if you believe that there is nothing worse than being told that you are suffering from cancer, think again. How would you feel if you were told that you were suffering from cancer and the disease could have easily been dealt with if the doctors hadn’t been negligent. Cancer misdiagnosis is a serious problem as it can severely affect a patient’s life.

Medical negligence claim

Even if you believe that a wrong cancer diagnosis deserves a rich financial compensation, you should know that these claims need to have a strong foundation. A misdiagnosis is not enough to sustain a malpractice claim. In order to stand a chance in the court of law you need clear evidence that the doctor was negligent. Usually, if your symptoms showed clear signs of cancer which would have made any doctor consider cancer but your doctor failed to see it, then you might have a case. Furthermore if he considered cancer but did not make the necessary tests is also a clear sign of medical negligence.

Types of wrong cancer diagnosis

There are two types of cancer misdiagnosis which are linked to medical negligence. The first situation is when the patient is wrongfully diagnosed and he suffers unnecessary surgical procedures or invasive treatments which cause physical damage. The damage caused by misdiagnosis can also be emotional. For example if after being misdiagnosed you quit your job or sell your home in order to enjoy the rest of your life, you may be entitled to compensation. Another case of misdiagnosis is when the doctors fail to recognize the cancer, mistaking it for another condition. In this case, the failure to give proper cancer treatment can lead to the advancement of the illness and even the premature death of the patient.

Cancer misdiagnosis cases

As far as cancer misdiagnosis goes, numerous claims have resulted in satisfactory financial compensation. Whether the cancer was not noticed, the diagnosis was delayed, the cancer area was not properly supervised or the patient did not receive proper cancer treatment, numerous plaintiffs received financial compensation. Furthermore some even turned their stories into inspiration for others.
Jennifer Rufer was misdiagnosed when she was 22 and she underwent unnecessary chemotherapy and a hysterectomy surgery. Her fight with the hospital raised awareness in the pregnancy test method of cancer diagnosis. Furthermore her strength inspired many women to fight for what they believe in.

A recent case of misdiagnosis happened this year in China when a man was diagnosed with penile cancer and was immediately rushed into surgery where the doctors removed what later proved to be only a cyst. The patient’s family are considering suing the hospital as it is outrageous for a surgeon to perform surgery without even taking a biopsy. This is a case of medical arrogance, where doctors believe that they have all rights over their patients life and choice. However, there are other doctors that have taken their incompetence and arrogance to extremes. Mr Ian Patterson, is a breast surgeon who practiced in Britain. His wrong cancer diagnosis have affected over 1000 women. He performed unnecessary surgeries as well as dangerous procedures.

Celebrities with inspiring stories

Cancer is a horrible medical condition and it forgives no one, not even celebrities. However, a couple of famous ladies have tough us that it is important to trust your intuition and seek as many additional opinions as possible. For example after a regular breast control, Kylie Minogue was told that she was cancer free. However after a few weeks she found a lump and after contacting a different doctor she discovered that she indeed had cancer.

Fran Drescher, famous TV actress was misdiagnosed by 7 different doctors who confused her irregular vaginal bleeding with perimenopause . However, feeling that something was not right she consulted doctor after doctor until she finally found a person who was competent enough to spot her uterine cancer. Most people are inclined to ignore the signs that their body gives them. However your health should be a top priority. Lead a healthy life and pay attention to the signs that your body is sending you. Furthermore if you believe that you have been subject to medical negligence you need to fight in order to receive proper compensation.